Monday, February 22, 2010

A Marvelous Idea

I have been pondering what in the living hell to do with this blog for the past four months now. I realize that this blog has been a satirical blog, but nothing too different or special from others besides accurately "cheap shots" of the dark side of internet culture. So, where do i go from here?

And then it hit me...YouTube is crawling with people needing my awesome, unbiased, and accurate critique of their channels. Though I run the risk of having mine hacked by crybaby pussies who can't take a joke, I find it an interesting venture.

So, find prominent YouTube mongers, devote a post to each, show links, pics, make them e-famous, maybe even on the side come up with another idea before Vanisher comes back from the deadz to troll a trolling troll troll blog.

I will be looking for assistance. I have a life (indicted by the months it fucking took to make another ball shattering post) and cannot do this on my own. Email to apply or to hate.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Update Of A Mars Volta Lover

I'm four years late, but I recall this gentleman saying to look at his webpage two years from August of 2005 to see how popular he was.

Click the link, the page no longer exists =(

Sorry, pal, looks like no one was ready for your crap music

That's all for now. The web page sadly fell through because the genius who set it up for me failed horribly in setting up the templates and since I don't have the time between work to do it myself, I gotta find someone else help me.

I'm single again now, threw my woman of seven years out the door. Long story short, never ever associate with someone who denies they have anti-social personality disorder when they do.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Movie Reviews For April

The Last House On The Left

Wes Craven comes out with another gore fest showing what people will do and take to extract revenge upon the filth and villainy of the world today. An accurate portrayal of what recreational pot smokers do (since they're so "cool"), swimming, gunpoint, rape for power, hiding out, and exploding a head in a microwave make this a rather interesting, yet average remake of a horror "classic"

* * * 1/2 (out of 5, if you forgot)

Miss March

....ok, Horsedick.mpeg

It's good to see low budget films are still making me laugh harder than these "oscar worthy" comedies of today. A teen is rendered unconscious before he gets laid by his decent looking girlfriend on prom night. 3-4 years later, he wakes up from a coma and he and his awesome perverted friend go across country while being chased by an insane girl and her fireman brother, rapping with Horsedick.mpeg, and eventually reach the PlayBoy Mansion after having found that his girlfriend is Miss March. Funny, tasteless, yet so perfectly hilarious this comedy be. Not the best, but a good laugh riot

* * * *

Why Furries Live Solely For My Amusement

Two years of traveling down the same mysterious vortex hole Ozzie Smith found himself tricked into when he visited Springfield in The Simpsons has now somehow landed me back here. I thought this site would be taken down because of how "cruel and unusual" I am to miserable people. So, before Obama does away with the First and Second Amendments, it's time to get more jollies in pissing off some more subcultures.

Having logged into my account, I stumbled across a shitload of comments waiting to be approved. Many were from fans, many were spam, and a few did catch my interest. One in particular was from my post on Better Days
in which a pretentious furrian decided to belittle my truth. Just like a hippie protesting that a liquior bottle was not recycled after it was used to sodomize a man in San Francisco, this furrian went all out on me in a crusade and orgy of poor spelling, shorthand, and the atrocious shorthand word, "For The Win." It should be duly noted that anyone using this term has severe mental problems, hence why he decided to speak out against The Truth. The following is what was said and should not be taken seriously by ANYONE:

all the people on this website are anti furry fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? half the stuff u wrote (the fact based thing) are untrue!!!! at the start fisk is 9 and so is lucy, they are called lucy and fisk cos they aren't pets they are FICTIONAL anthropomorphic characters!! also its a dramatic comic!! jay doesnt get of with incest its part of the fucking story and so what if he does jay naylor is an awesome man and a great artist so get the fuck off his back you ignorant assholes!

There you have it, sports fans, straight from the furry horse's mouth as he sucks on a furry sheep's penis. It doesn't matter if you know what furry is or not, our furrian friend has confirmed that if you visit my site, you are an anti-furry fucker. Make sure that when you sleep with your human man or woman tonight, you reflect upon your poor decision of visiting my site and how many furry people you have shunned, crushed, and saddened. Now, their nightly routine of masturbating to Honey Bunny from Space Jam and door locking to keep their "mundane" parents out is completely destroyed because you visited my site. The once calm, serene feeling that a furry gets when it blows its load over their favorite stuffed animal will now be replaced with the distasteful words of a satirical blog writer online who merely wishes to enlighten people of what The Truth really is about in regards to the entire world. What the fuck are our problems, people? Fisk and Lucy are NINE at the beginning of the comic. Jesus fucking CHRIST, why are you so stupid for forgetting the ages of FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, YOU IGNORANT ASSHOLES!!! Jay Naylor is an awesome man! He lets me molest him and his brother in a three way furry fest! I wear my horse outfit while he hops into his Fisk costume because he is my idol dream date! Then he pops his delicious kitty milk into my mouth and tells me to fight against oppressive people whose opinion differs from mine because everyone should love furries even if they find it weird or sickingly sad!


For those of you anti-furry fuckers who don't know what a furry is, good for you. Your mind will never have to suffer through the images, lifestyles, personalities, and sorrow that furries endure day in and day out. If you're curious, however, read on and don't stop, courage is fear holding on a little longer (The immortal words of General George S Patton, war veteran and President of the Anti-Furry Fuckers Club, yes, beyond the grave).

A furry is basically a nerd or virgin who is part of (yes) another retarded internet subculture that enjoy anthromorphic humanoid people. Looney tunes or Disney animal characters that walk on two legs and talk are examples. What's so bad about that, you ask? Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, to name a few, are legends, hands down. Here is the problem. These geeks take it to the extreme of sexual gratification...yes, we're talking about yet ANOTHER subculture full of people that kill time with masturbation before they go and piss off the wrong person and end up in jail or beaten up.

If this is your first time hearing about them and you're shocked you've never heard of them, you're lucky. It's been around for over 40 years sadly, but it started off harmless enough. With today's Liberal society, we have to be more tolllllerrrrrentttt of idiots like these and accept their lifestyles. Sure, you can do or be what you want or sleep with whichever sewer rat you want to. However, I can also say or do as I please, and teasing freaks of nature like this happens to be one of my rights, yay!

So, Fox, you said they take it too far and it's used solely for sexual graitifcation. Can you elaborate? Ok, but i must take a 1/5th of Vodka first..................................................................................................................................
Ok, here goes

The most popular defense for a furry geek is to say that "their culture is cool, I'm not always masturbating to Gadget from Rescue Rangers, I'm not going to fur-con to sniff other people's asses, I don't always wear my fox ears in public, I live alone, I have been laid" and so on. However, when you explore a webpage such as Furtopia
, at first, it looks innocent enough. You see some unusual artwork and a crappy template, which is quite common for subculture sites, but do not let the surface fool you! Once you enter the forum to see what people are talking about, 70% of it is mainly how to get into Pikachu's pants or going to a zoo and getting off the night of the trip after a Tiger was going nuts seeing you wear your fox ears and tail. That's just the surface of it, though.

To be fair, I will throw in two types of furry:


The "sane" furry is the furry fan who draws and looks at artwork of furries without having to depict 4 penises, dick nipples, or scenes of grotesque sexual practice. They also probably love the characters for the characters in the terms of amusement, like Bugs Bunny, or badassness, like Chewbacca. Some even link spiritual connection to totems and such. While strange, art is art, religion is religion, and these people can be tolerable, but still rather annoying.


Now comes the real stale meat and starchy potatoes. These people are insane, obnoxious, creepy, and all around perfect individuals to bring to a club or party for laughs as they sit in a corner drinking a virgin strawberry daquiri while wearing animal ears and tails and having patrons stare at them like they were the incarnate of satan himself. All that is decent and active is replaced by depravity and extensive sugar intake to stay awake splattering semen all over their computer monitors as their fantasies of nine year old Fisk and Lucy are satisfied. You guessed it, these are the people involved in wearing fursuits to "yiff" each other, get off to erotic fur art until their 3 inch penises dissolve and wither away to nothingness, or draw pcitures of Minnie Mouse with a penis. These people have horrible defense mechanisms, associate you to Hitler if you don't like furries, get angry at everything, or pretend to be oblivious to it by making fun of you for talking against furry. However, that is quite illogical, you're not the furry fan, they are! These people should be avoided like the STD ridden tramp of the party who flashes you her boobs, but you stop there because you know her company ink has been dipped in too many times.

I'll go into more detail about how to handle these fursons later, but for now, two movies reviews and another 1/5th of Vodka calls


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Finally, Idiots Awaken The Sleeping Giant

The events of April have been grand. So much has happened and now that things have blown over, it's time for The Truth (now a radio station in Tucson for Liberal Media aka fucking faggots) to step in to show you the way. And guess what? Grey Fox is highly pissed off and has taken another step up the conservative ladder. Uh oh, he's coming closer to being an even BIGGER asshole! Relax, knuckleheads, I'm not evangelistic and I never will be.

You know what happened and you know it's gonna be said, so, here are the topics coming soon:

Imus Was Boring And Liberal, But Can Still Speak

We Need To Feel Sorry For A Mass Murderer, But Be Upset At Awesome Parenting

Tree Hugging Celebrities Lie To You (And Al Gore Does Too)

My Brief Journey Into Defeatism (Not By Harry Reid)

Conservative Radio: Threat To National Security Or Something Fags Don't Want To Hear Because They Are Right?

The webpage is taking shape, but slower than you can wipe your ass with one sheet of toliet paper. My project designers totally fucked up the templates, so now I have to somehow find freetime to redo it myself or my good buddies back at my alma mater get back to me and decide to work for beer. Yes, The Truth is back and you can now stop flooding my inbox with your crybaby ramblings or thanks for not posting in so long.

Before I sign off, I would like to send out two special messages to my greatest readers, one beyond the grave, the other, a supposive UCSC student I took for a ride.

Remember Vanisher, the poor bastard that tried to outlast me and make a fool out of me because I said things he didn't like? It turns out that the futanari pervert was a futanari fan and decided to become outraged with me in other things because I upset his obsession. My sister is a member of a forum that he was in and one day, she decided to Google me. A few of my articles came up, but best of all, a link to my site on the 0bsidian forums saying how much of an asshole I am and that I own Something Awful. Sadly, the link is no longer up, but my sister sent the loser a message laughing about how sad it was for him to waste his time in outshowing someone far superior to him in everyway. So, what seemed to be such a mighty beast actually turned out to be a celibate fan of futanari, a nerd outcasted by the shackles of free speech hell bent on making Grey Fox feel sorry for his crime of speaking his mind as granted by the first amendment. And where is he now? In hell, of course! I stomp on the ground "Hot enough for ya down there???" Ha ha ha.

This one goes out to dear sweet Willie (I will protect your name, darling. I am not without a heart). I've met a few people online. I met a friend of mine on Gaia for her Texas Tech marching band bowl game in Tempe. I met a girl up in Colorado Springs and shot pool with her and played with her kid, but nothing prepared me for the phone calls to Tellthemwillieboyishere. I had given her attraction physically and mentally and she wanted to be my friend despite all the sour bickering and sarcastic quips flung from both ends. So, I decided to give her a chance. However, the angle, the would I play the angle? Then I came up with the solution: act in a way that is somewhat opposite of how I write and act online. It was golden, bought hook line and sinker. Talking about myself only enraged her further, even though she wanted to get to know me. Telling her about my personal life with my fiancee got her jealous, but the sin of spin came from trying to make me feel guilty for bringing her up. I swam in the laughter covering the receiver up, hell, I even let my siblings listen in when I was at home. The greatest moment came from grabbing April's bare naked breast and mentioning it to her. The sparks and outrage that flew, absolutely classic. Thank you, Willie, for being a great fan of The Grey Fox. I guess the "Grey Fox" you fell in love with on Gaia actually does exist and the "Grey Fox" on the phone was the illusion. Gasp, shock!

And there you have it. Get ready to be pissed off like I am.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Saturday And The New Beginning (Hold your wee for a Nintendo Wii!)

At long last, I'm finally getting my space for my webpage. That doesn't mean it's going up, it just means I can start working on there, get it out to more people, and archieve this site, finally putting faggot blogging behind me.

Boy, so much to talk about. I'm consumed in work and lazyness, but tonight I'm forcing myself to put up something. I was watching the news today and I saw a story that made me laugh and anger me at the same time about you stupid assed hard core gamers out there.

Before hand, look foward to these priceless gems to rollout with for my site:

My PS3 AND Wii line experience
Why you should be excited for the next next gen consoles
Don't become a Hippie Know-it-all
My return to working for Pizza Hut *for one day* (I'm going to write about this tomorrow. This was quite an experience)
The Grey Fox 2006 awards
Plans for my stupid web comic

That's just a taste of the beginning. Also, happy belated 2 years for my site, weee.

There has been a lot of crazy shit happening with women as of late. Looks like the "white woman of the month" news strategy is taking right off this year in not one single fashion, but 3. I don't know if any of this will come back to haunt the news, but I hope it does so it just makes this story even funnier.

Ok, another munchausen biproxy case breaks out where a woman, ugly as sin this time, kept injecting poison into her baby's feeding tube at a hospital and was caught red handed. BORING!

A baby is covered in grease, put on a cooking sleeve, and placed into a gas oven by another crazy woman who, mind you, is actually getting 15k bail. Sick, demented, but regardless, BORING!

A 28 year old woman in Sacremento dies from water intoxication trying to win a Nintendo Wii. BOR...oh, wait, here we go!

That's right, folks, a 28 year old Californian by the name of Jennifer Strange, held in her urine on a live radio show by drinking water every 15 minutes and couldn't let it out. Whoever went the longest without having to potty would get the elusive and worth dying for Nintendo Wii (as if beating the shit out of owners wasn't enough). So, this fucking rocks, yet another way you can whore yourself AND cause damage at the same time for a fucking game console!

This adds just another bruised eye to all these faggot radio shows out there. At first, it was just mental waning garbage eagarly hanging from a dead cow for all of the idiots in the world who love radio morning shows to suckle off of and repeat to their fellow co-workers at the water cooler. Now, it's escalated into potential firings and law suits for all involved in creating the contest. Yeah, Howard Stern's been offensive (even though I found his show humourous in that immaturity can extend all the way to your 40s and beyond) to a lot of people, but after so many years of success and getting booted off public radio because a fat chick gets insulted, like they all do everyday, this is nothing compared to this crap.

But wait, I'm not even going to blame the radio show, not one bit. I actually comend them. "Grey Fox, you're been an asshole before, but this goes way too far!" Super, but how about you shut your fat trap for one second and put down that futanari magazine to hear me out.

The death of a loved one is not always a good thing. Stating the obvious, it fucking sucks to die. With all that aside, let's really think here. Ok, you've got a 28 year old woman who is chubby, not very attractive, and obviously a gamer. She missed out on the Wii. Sucks. She's got a chance to get one. Cool, seeing her picutre, I am sure she has a clear schedule. She and 3-5 others go to the show, drink water 15 minutes, and have to hold it. Morons. She can't. Sucks. She calls in work having headaches. Sucks. She dies. Yikes.

And now, the point. Waiting in line for a Wii and a PS3, I've seen horrors you cannot believe and some amusing violence, but that's another story for when my website comes up. Now, being 28, it should be common fucking sense that drinking so much fucking water and holding in your urine will cause extensive and, now obviously, fatal damage to an individual. Also, by the time you're 28 (and with the proper education if you'rte not a loser), you have much more to live for than getting some stupid next gen console. Jennifer, quite possibly lacking all of which I have stated, did it anyway. What kind of idiot would be willing to put their lives at risk for a game machine? I love video games, I want to eventually make them after grad school, but I would NEVER put my life in that much danger for one. Funny, that coming from what many of my hate mail fans call me (idiot, fag, etc), that I am not as much of an idiot as they perceive me to be.

So, I guess, in a way, we should not be hating, but thanking these radio announcers for helping in the self-destruction of another retard in this life willing to risk their lives for a possession that will become obsolete in 3-5 years with something even more addicting (I love the Wii, but if I lost it in a fire, oh well). The radio show hosts even told the contestants not to engage in this because of the psyical aliments involved (well, they worded it stupidly themselves, but still, the contestants were morons anyway). Come on, if she's 28 and still trying to whore herself for video games, then maybe this is a sign from above to gamers to function better in society instead of stinking it up with the scents of moldy cheese and grandma's moth balls.

....naw, they'll keep committing suicide once their WoW characters are no longer able to be funded.

Gee, this is yet another Natalee Holloway story!

So, to the poor losers losing their jobs at KDND 107.9, I applaud you for bringing out another fellow loser in our wonderful society!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sunday Begins The Last Year Effort

The holidays have been extremel;y busy for me, but I haven't forgotten about you bastards due to the high volume of emails in my trash box. I'll start tomorrow with a next gen console update, aka, my sad story of waiting in line for a Wii, then a PS3 and why I am more excited about the next next gen consoles than these pieces of shit. I also have some funny sites I've come across that will be sure to give you a boner and make you think about how you got that boner. As for the webpage, January never looked so good.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Politcal Quiz

As I was in the shower after waking up just now, I thought about how conservative or liberal I am. I took a legitimate quiz and here are the results:

Your Political Profile:
Overall: 65% Conservative, 35% Liberal
Social Issues: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Ethics: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
How'>">How Liberal Or Conservative Are You?

It's all true. I am 50/50 on sociality and personal responsibility. My ethics are more liberal because I am not a homophobe, religious nut, or completely pro life. My fiscal, law, and defense are 100% because I love money and I feel justice is pretty much served a good majority of the time. Not bad for an internet quiz.

Some Words Of Wisdom And Five Awesome Hate Mails

As business has finally slowed down, my attention to my page has returned. Much has happened since my vacation and absence as well as many emails I have finally surfed through, read, and deleted, except for five really hilarious hate mails that I absolutely have to share with everyone. Before hand, it's time for a few stories.

A summer intern by the name of Kevin has become quite a popular chat at the office by the water cooler. Apparently since July, he has had the hots for our co-trainer, Josie (I never knew simply because I stay out of bullshit gossip like this, but since Kevin is such a sissy and drama queen, I couldn't afford to miss out on this chat). So far, the jist of it is that Kevin wants to date Josie, but Josie doesn't date low level desk people like Kevin (as shallow as that is, Josie is overall a decent and intelligent individual who picks bad guys to date). Furthermore, as I'm now in the great "Circle Jerk," she told me while I was working in the server room that Kevin would quit for her if it meant he could date her because she told him she doesn't want to get in trouble for dating an employee under her wing. I laughed at that, as I'm sure all of us guys have been down that road before where we sacrifice great things we have for a pretty face only later to find ourselves defrosting hotdogs in a gas station sink and wanting to swallow lead. I told her, as a joke (but not really because I am an asshole), that she should hug me VERY convincingly in front of him to get him riled up. She laughed and said we should, but being the "nice" person she is, she didn't want to tramatize him (drat). Now, apparently he's going after her sister, who is even worse than Josie (aka, even more shallow than Josie). I can't wait to see where this ends up.

My house has officially become a hotel. Not only do my fiancee and my sister live here now but my old buddy from my Pizza Hut days is now living with me so he can get off of his drug problems and my penpal from Arkansas, Jessie, wants to live here next year and have fun with April and me. Not a bad deal, but it's crazy how loud this house is now. At least I live in the foothills 2 miles away from anyone to even care. And my buddy pays good money on his paydays to help us out.

I picked up a hilarious manual I found on the street outside a KFC last week. It talks about animal rights and it made me laugh to tears and die a little inside on how mental these animal rights activists are. Pictures and a breakdown coming soon.

I haven't seen Jesus Camp yet unfortunately, but I guess two days after I see Casino Royale, I'll go and check it out.

Well, today was Election Day and I ended up mostly voting Republican except in two runners: Jim Pederson's idea of heavily taxing higher incomes is way too costly for someone like me, but on the Republican side, John Kyl wants to make abortion illegal. So, if a girl gets raped with no condom, she has to have the kid...pretty fucked up. I didn't vote for either. The other had an Independent Republican running and talked about setting a specific date you cannot get an abortion as well as reasonable ways to handle our border issues. I voted Independent for that.

Sadly, I'm seeing the pussies are defeating the assholes nationwide. It's funny how all these people think they will make a difference now that the blue have overwhelmed the red on Congress. What the fuck do you think will happen then? When the Republicans were majority, apparently no one liked the fact of having a great economy despite a war going on. What do you think will happen when the Democrats will take over? It'll be the opposite basically. I'm not saying Republicans need to have the majority since I am an Independent, what I am saying is that a balance of each is needed to keep everything in check. What you fags don't realize is that by electing a vast majority of Democrats into Congress, you've thrown off the balance of politics and now we're going to suffer with economy slumps, pussification, and tree hugging hippies. Oh, and if you did it to make sure Bush is impeached, you're fucked. Bush is going to finish his second term because there is nothing to impeach him with. He didn't lie about the economy, the war on terror wasn't a criminal offense, and so on. Ok, Bush is annoying sometimes and his speech patterns suck, but he isn't stupid, people. The only reason you think he is is because you don't like him. Just because you don't like someone doesn't make them stupid, genius. Ivy League university graduates are RARELY stupid.

On a side note, I wrote in my own vote between Pederson and Kyl. I voted for a box of TicTacs instead. No one on campaign trail would be able to resist the freshness of those babies. Someone got a problem with another's opinion on the floor? TicTac's fresh breath will cool those tempers down and make everyone orgasm and start a mosh pit on the floor.

A woman at work today asked me if I voted for Gabrielle Gifford instead of Robert Graf. I told her I voted for Graf and she went fucking nuts. She asked me, "Well, what if you get drafted???" I laughed and asked for what and she replied, "To go over to Iraq, idiot!" I laughed again, longer this time while pointing at her fat face and then said, "Honey, with the way things are going, there will be no need for the draft. We all thought we'd get drafted after 9/11 and it never happened. People also said WWIII was going to be started because of the Lebonese issue and it hasn't. And if I did get drafted, I'd fight because I am no coward and I have things in this country worth fighting for. This is the greatest country on the face of this planet and if you can't accept that, move to Mexico and find out what REAL suffering is." With that, she stormed off in a hurry with me laughing at her some more. Seriously, you Anti-American faggots, if you think this country is so bad, just get the fuck out. Go be a pussy like Canada or a bum like Mexico. You won't get great benefits, money, freedoms, and liberites above or below us like we do. No country is perfect and no country is complete, but we are the best and we will be the best for many years to come.

And now, the five hate mails in no particular order of awesomeness, except the last one is the best.

I don't know who the fuck you think you are, but I caught my son reading your blog and I am disgusted at what you write. He was mouting off your horrible humor at the dinner table tonight and I asked him where he saw those lines. You are an asshole and a disgrace to humanity. Your parents must be ashamed to have given birth to you.

Some Loser Dad

This is too good to be true, honestly. It looks like some high school or college kid wrote it for kicks. Well, I have a sob story to tell from this. I caught my fiancee reading this hate mail and at the dinner table, she said "mouthing." I was enraged and immediately asked her where she picked up such a horrible word and she told me my email address. I went to read it and now she will never be allowed to be a part of humanity ever again. HA, I ACTUALLY REMOVED HER FROM HUMANITY. TAKE THAT, BITCH!

You fucking nigar lover,

How can you insult the death of one of the greatest sports heroes ever to be born? Dale Einhart Sr. was a fine man and the best racer in NASCAR. You probably watch that bullshit basketball or football and cheer for the nigars on the team because that's what you do and are, a nigar luvin' democratic liberal pussysucker. Go to war and get a job, you faggot!

Obvious Redneck

What's a nigar? If anyone knows, please leave me a comment or email me immediately.

hey shithead,

i think its fuked up how u insult Steve Irwin lik dat. he was a coo guy who saved many animals and did a lot more than u ever do. while u waste ur time on da net, i'm gonna go to collage and get a phd. fuk u!

A Snotty Kid

Laredo State University said you failed the admissions for writing in COLLAGE on your application.

What the fuck is your problem with people who like anime??? You like it too and yet you make fun of it yourself? That's so stupid! I'm going to tell you now that I scored a 33 on your test and I don't care because I love living in my parents basement and being 26 and watching anime and getting off to hentai. So what if I like it? Why does it have to be such a big deal with you? You are worthless.

A Virgin

I think this says it all pretty much, so no need for comment other then I'd be careful who you call worthless before looking at yourself in the mirror, you stud, you.

And now, the greatest hate mail of them all from my big pile (yes, it's about futanari):

I read your crappy article on futanari and I found it ridiculous. You have so many problems with people and their interests, yet you pitch that your own are fine even though much of what you like is what you seem to make fun of. That is hypocriticism and it just makes you look stupid by comparison.

Futanari is just a fetish that many guys out there like. You're not gay for liking it if you're a guy or roleplaying it with other guys. It seems you must be insecure about your sexuality to be making fun of futa lovers for their own choice.

You love cat girls and yet you don't find that weird? Again, hypocriticism. All you're doing is digging yourself into a hole with everything you say. Just give up and stop trying to act macho, you Republican asshole.

You are gay if you are a guy roleplaying with another guy, even if it's futanari.
You are gay if you would let a shemale fuck you in the ass.
I am not a Republican.
This site is dedicated to sarcasm and The Truth. Taking me 100% seriously makes you gay.
I make fun of what I like because my ass isn't plugged 24/7 by futa cock like yours is.
You are gay, it's ok. There is nothing wrong with it and you don't need to cry to me because I have a greater sense of humor than you.

And that just about does it. Tune in next time for some NDK aftermath.